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Conversation Topics That Lead To Sex

I want to talk about the conversational topics you can use that lead just sex.

One of the biggest problems that guys having, is the inability to take a platonic conversation and make it sex randki man to woman. And a big reason for this, I think, is that they’re scared. And the big reason that they’re scared is that they think they have to make some big, bold. Scary, risky move. And that’s not the case at all.

One of the best ways to escalate a conversation involves very little risk, and that’s actually just escalating the topic of the conversation towards a more sexual one. You see, there are four different ways you can escalate. One is by getting physical. One is by changing the venue of the conversation, moving it to a more intimate location.

Um, the third is by. Um, changing the way you address the relationship between you and the girl. Um, I using the word we instead of you and I, or saying, you know, you’re going to be my girlfriend for the next five minutes. Things like that. Or finally you have escalating the topic of conversation, making that more intimate and more sexual.

And that’s great because it is so, so subtle and because you don’t have to actually talk about sex directly in order to sexualize a conversation. So as human beings, we think in associations, right? We associate things together. There’s an old phrase from the eighties I think it’s the eighties I don’t know, long time ago they go sex randki, drugs and rock and roll.

And um, that phrase, sex, drugs and rock and roll is really like a great idea and a great phrase. Cause the idea is there’s these three things that are completely unrelated. Sex is not related to drugs, is not related to rock and roll, at least not directly. However, they’re all kind of subsets of the same cultural.

Like kind of initiative, right? They’re all like kind of outside of the, um, the proper, they’re outside of the respectable and looked up upon. And so there’s this culture that people that have sex, there’s a greater tendency to do drugs and have sex. There’s a greater tendency for the people that were listening to rock music back when rock and roll was like the edgy, like kind of frowned upon thing.

To have sex. Right? So the people doing one thing were more likely to do the other. There was this association to kind of make the topic more concrete for you. They have a bunch of survey questions on their dating site and they did a correlation study. What question was most correlated? Most related to the question, would you be willing to have a one night stand?

That’s not a sexual question, and the answer to that question was. Do you enjoy the taste of beer idea being people who enjoy the taste of beer, not only drink beer, but also like it, drink it often. Maybe have drunk beer from a young age are the type of people that are more sexually open, more willing to have a sex.

So if you guys started talking about beer, drinking, partying, you’re starting to move in the direction of that sort of one night stand, or you’re starting to move in the direction of sex. And there are a lot of topics like this, for example, tattoos and piercings, pretty common nowadays, but there’s still just a little bit edgy.

And that edginess. Is, it’s about the body and it’s, and it’s about being edgy, so it leads you down that sexual direction. I already mentioned drugs, alcohol, those kinds of things, those topics, partying, staying out late. Traveling is a big one. Traveling is huge because traveling is something that’s considered adventurous.

Um, it’s something that you’re getting away from your social circles. So people that have traveled usually have adventures when they’re traveling. Maybe they do things out of character when they’re traveling. So that mindset of traveling, um, puts you into a more sexual sex randki, more free, more liberated mode, right?

In particular girls, if they’ve ever traveled alone, um, tend to do a lot of things when they’re traveling alone and they don’t have their, um, their friends to, to be judging of them. That they wouldn’t do another context. So find out if girls traveled, talking about travel, talking about travel and spontaneous adventures.

Those kinds of things also will lead to sex. And then obviously anything along the lines of sex itself, but later talking about kissing leads to sex, talking about like skinny dipping leads to sex, those types of ideas. Right. And actually to be fair, and this is a big one for a lot of guys, even just the very words you use are going to indicate.

Whether you’re a sexual person or not a sexual person, like for example, if, um, you, um, for example, say you talked about like getting naked or gay or like being like taking your clothes off. I knew like lowered your voice. Like we took our clothes off. That’s showing you’re uncomfortable with the idea that’s showing you’re uncomfortable with your own body with nudity.

Girl doesn’t want to have sex with a guy who is uncomfortable with his body and uncomfortable with nudity because she’s probably gonna make her uncomfortable as that time comes about. Right. Or another one is guys that are a little bit too polite there. They’re not willing to swear. If you’re unwilling to say the word fuck, you’re probably not going to be fucking anybody anytime soon.

For example. Now I’m not saying you should just like swear like a, you know, swear up a store. I mean, I’m not saying you should like. You know, use that as a replacement for good conversation. But if there is a moment when around your friends around you’re comfortable with, you would go ahead and use an expletive.

You should go ahead and do that in the context around the girl, it shows that you’re not uptight. It shows that you’re okay with things, and it shows that, quite frankly, those topics are fine, comfortable and natural to you. The more you can show those kinds of things, the better off you’re going to be. So let me give you a kind of an example, kind of a template for how this could be used.

And this is an old school kind of game routine. Um, and if you want to actually use this game routine, it still works to this day. It’s still a pretty good routine, but more than the routine itself, I want you to learn the concept behind it. And the routine is called the question game. The way it works very simply, if I were playing the question again with you, um, the way it goes, I ask you a question you have to answer honestly.

Then we switch. You asked me a question I have to answer. Honestly, that’s it. Very simple game. Not all that brilliant. The brilliant part is this. When you play the question game with a girl, you’re going to select a topic that is one of these nonsexual sexual topics. For example, do you have any tattoos or piercings or how old were you when you had your first drink?

Things like that. They’re just like bordering on something a little bit naughty. Or what is the most trouble you got into in high school? Something that’s a little bit naughty but not sexually explicit, earliest. You don’t know necessarily that it’s sexually explicit. And the thing that’s gonna happen is this.

You’re getting her talking about those things that are just a little bit naughty. And then she’s going to ask you questions and because she’s going to be responding to the total conversation. And because, to be honest, if she’s sitting there talking to you, she probably enjoying you. And once the conversation would go in a sexual direction herself anyway, she very likely will follow suit and ask a question that’s equally as risky or equally as intimate to the one you just ask, if not more.

So. And then once that occurs, you can go one step further and one step further and one step further. And so pretty soon you’re talking about sex and it’s not a far cry from talking about sex to having sex, especially talking about sex. Give me a certain look every now and again, misinterpreting doing some of these other game talk, the game tactics and game topics that we know.

And once the girl starts, um, explicitly talking about sex as a guy, you’re probably going to get a lot more confident, a lot more sure of yourself and be a lot more willing to take a lot of other risks. Cause you know you have permission as well. All right, so this idea of the question game is kind of a microcosm.

You want to be doing it and interaction in general, which is this, you want to be as soon as there’s enough comfort and it’s not a whole lot of comfort to start, you want to start introducing these sort of sexy topics. I don’t wanna say sexual topics to call them sexy topics cause they’re related to sex spotkania.

I’m going to be gradually and kind of inevitably. Escalating the conversation slowly towards sex. Right? And that’s going to do really wonders for everything. On top of that, I mentioned there are three other ways to escalate, right? Escalating the venue, escalating physically and escalating the relationship.

Once you start talking about more sexual venues, it makes sense to be in a more intimate venue. Um, what are some more sexual topics that make sense to be in a more intimate venue? Once you start talking about more sexual topics, it’s just natural that you start talking about the relationship potentially between you and her or kind of comparing, you know, sex stories or sexual relations.

The stories. So the relationship stuff is naturally going to occur. It’s also natural that when you start talking about sex, you might start touching. You might even start giving like visual or physical examples of something that happens. Um, and that can lead to sex as well. Okay. So all of these are really, really good ideas.

One last thing that I’ll throw in, it’s kind of like a bonus topic is the topic of other ways to bring up sexual topics that are even safer if you’re scared to even bring it up in general. A couple of other things you can do. One is called quotes. Quotes is instead of you saying. You can mention somebody else said something that way, it’s even more distant from you, but it’s still in the conversation, right?

There’s this beautiful thing about human nature and human conversation. People can’t imagine a negative. So if I say like, don’t think about a pink elephant, you just thought about a pink elephant, even though it’s in the negative, you can’t unthink it. Okay? Same thing if I say, don’t think about sex. You just thought about sex, right?

So if you bring it up as in so and so said, yada, yada, yada about this sexual topic, that’s even safer than you saying it yourself. Um, it’s a way to get into the conversation, and particularly if there’s something that is. It’s a little risky or something that’s a little on the edge of borderline. It may be a good way to introduce it without having culpability.

The other great one is if you can do like a role play, if you and the girl are kind of playing different roles. You were saying if this, or a hypothetical, you can do a lot more in a hypothetical context, you can get away with a lot more hypothetically than you can if you’re being explicit and direct about it.

So that’s one more way that you can introduce these topics without it being a problem. But in any case, what I want to encourage you to do is do not settle for that blurry and platonic interaction. Don’t settle. For a conversation that’s going nowhere. All right? You need to be as a man, the person moving in a direction, and it doesn’t have to be fast.

It doesn’t have to be big moves. As long as you’re subtly going there, you’re going to reach it eventually. All right, so the subtle escalation of escalating the topic, one of the most beautiful ways that you can make sure that you’re never again going to have that boring platonic conversation that doesn’t go.